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With the launch of World War Z: Aftermath this week, fans of the zombie shooter got a new lease on life. Although that life might be much shorter with all the hungry zombies around. Some of the more powerful new enemy types can be quite threatening. There’s one new enemy type that seems to be eliciting some ire. The World War Z: Aftermath community is struggling to deal with Rats because this new enemy type is quite hard to kill, and pretty annoying. Here’s what we know about Rats in World War Z: Aftermath.

Rats in World War Z: Aftermath are meant to be a threat, so there’s going to be some work involved in taking them down. There is no silver bullet solution for dealing with them, so your only remaining options are down to teamwork and gear choices. Here are some basic tips to help you out.

The rats will tend to spawn as part of larger hordes, so the first tip is to keep your eyes peeled. Knowing when they are coming is vital to being prepared. Rats emerge from the same spawns as other enemy types, so they can get lost in swarms. Your best bet when dealing with this situation is the best AoE weapons you have. RPGs and the Payload Rifle will be the best for clearing swarms, and that includes the rats hiding inside them. You might think Molotovs will work, but they just don’t deal damage fast enough. Against common enemy types, sure, Molotov slow burns are fine. These burning weapons just don’t DPS down Rats fast enough to be effective.

Focusing fire and good communication are key for dealing with these tanky enemies in any situation. If your team is spread out, you can’t all apply damage to a Rat. And if you’re using AoE weapons, spacing is important too. You need to not let yourself or your other team members get caught in an RPG blast if you can help it.

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The final thing to keep in mind is the utility of class perks, Not all classes and perk choices are tuned for dealing damage. You will want to have the best members of your team running perks that help deal with Rats in World War Z: Aftermath.

Anything that boosts explosive damage is a great pairing with an RPG. Directed Blast is great for this. You might also want something like Side Effects to help augment DPS.

If you can’t run Directed Blast, Thumper can help increase DPS. C4 with the Here Kitty perk might be a good stop-gap for baiting swarms as well, keeping you from getting overrun.

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