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F1 2019 launch trailer released

F1 2019 Official PC System Requirements


F1 2019, the newest pro racing title from Cosemasters, is racing its way to the finish line of release, and the developer just can’t help but show it off some more. And with all of the new content being added this year, there’s plenty to show off.

A huge focus for the development of this years F1 title, is a push for realism and immersion. The team has spent a ton of time improving the visuals and driving physics, as well as adding new options to various game modes. One of the big draws, the career mode, is getting some new start points. A player can now make their way through the 2018 FIA Formula 2 Championship and the F2 Feeder Series.

In terms of DLC, F1 fans can expect plenty of new modes and other goodies. F1 2019 will include the 2018 FIA Formula 2 Championship series as a free update sometime after launch. In addition, the online modes are being expanded with new ways to customize your cars so you can use them in online races.

If you’re interested in getting the game on PC, go take a look at the system requirements for this new game to make sure your system can run it. You might also be interested in taking a gander at some of the other promo trailers released for it.

Otherwise, you could check out the newest trailer down below. F1 2019 is out for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 officially on June 28th.

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