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Codemasters announce F1 2019, coming this Summer

Codemasters announce F1 2019

As is usual with this series, there’s a ton of options for both cars and teams for players to pick from. F1 2019 will feature a new livery set too, pulled directly from real-world samples of various teams. And of course, there’s the sleek and modern look of the current generation of F1 cars. Formula One engineers Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds helped designed the new car layouts, with a focus on closer racing and more overtaking.

The incredibly complex wing designs were done away with from 2018, with teams being mandated to design much simpler wings and aero setups to reduce the choppy nature of air behind and around F1 cars during races. This chopped up air is a lot harder for cars to move through, and makes drafting and overtaking much more difficult for cars following the lead. F1 2019 will bring the designs from the likes of Mercedes and Renault to the digital track for racing game fans to blast around the famous tracks and road courses of the world.

F1 2019 is putting a big focus on this design aspect in-game as well. For the first time in the series, Codemasters will be working directly with F1 to create a system of drivable cars that can be tweaked and customized in coordination with real-world rule changes, and then taken onto the multiplayer circuits. This new renewed focus on competitive racing and realism should make multiplayer racing very interesting in F1 2019.

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The history of this franchise is quite complex, so this collaboration is pretty cool to see. Sony held exclusive rights to producing F1 games for ten years between 1996 and 2006, after which it passed to Codemasters, who issued their first effort with F1 2009. Since then, Codemasters has created an incredibly complex and fun racing title with great singleplayer and multiplayer modes. I for one have to wonder what other investments the developers will make to improve realism and immersion in this new entry, I can’t wait to find out.

Check out the trailer for the newest entry in the perennial racing series down below. F1 2019 is due to launch for PS4, PC, and Xbox One on June 28th of this year. Which F1 fans will note, is just in time for the Austrian GP weekend. Now fans will have a new game to zip around in during the downtime while waiting for the races to kick off.

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