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Brigitte heads to Overwatch live servers next week

Brigitte Overwatch

Overwatch players will be able to get their hands on the game’s next hero Brigitte on the live servers on 20 March which is next week.

To celebrate the launch of the newest support Hero, Blizzard has released a concept art trailer for the support/tank badass that is Brigitte. From a gameplay standpoint, Brigitte has some pretty creative abilities. Her Repair Pack makes her a decent clutch healer. She also comes with a flail which can be launched over a long distance using the Rocket Flail ability which also provides a knock-back on targets. Her support role is augmented with her passive Rally which provides armor to nearby allies, or Inspire that heals allies when Brigitte deals damage. She’s an amazing brawler in the hands of a capable player. The critical usage of her Shield Bash to block alts will also be an integral part of effective play.

And given that other heroes like Sombra are receiving a nerf this cycle, it looks like Brigitte may live up to the hype she seems to have sprayed all over the place, alongside all the brains she threw all over the walls when she bashed multiple heads in.

Check out the concept art below:

You can also check out her origin trailer too.

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