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Bravely Default II characters headed to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bravely Default II characters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit board

Bravely Default II is almost about to come out. And that means that Square Enix is on a marketing blitz for the game ahead of its launch.  Because of that, it looks like we’re about to see some new Bravely Default II characters headed to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Both Bravely Default II and a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board update are due to happen on the same day this week, February 26. That board event happens fairly often, and usually brings in new fighters to bring new flair to SSB.

The Spirit Board is a randomized encounter system within the Switch fighting game that offers players the chance to battle a spirit and take possession of them if they win the brawl. These characters are not technically playable in SSBU, but their likenesses can be added as something akin to a cosmetic reward. This means that many SSBU players will chase after these Spirits.

Some Spirits are also exclusive to the limited-time windows of these events, so you need to hurry. This event will run with Bravely Default II characters for five days from the 26th. You have a few days to claim them and add them to your collection.

Seeing this series cross over into fighting games continues the trend of Nintendo bringing various RPG franchises into the fighting game. Bravely Default debuted on the North American 3DS in 2014. That was then followed up with Bravely Second: End Layer in 2016. These two games have managed to weave a wonderfully whimsical story on the 3DS, defining a must-play experience for the portable platform.

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The Switch-based sequel comes to us from Claytechworks for the Nintendo Switch. It will be published by Square Enix in Japan, with Nintendo handling the release in the Western territories. It is scheduled for a worldwide release on February 26, 2021.

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