Here’s how to complete the At Your Fingertips quest in Destiny 2

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Osiris and Zevala have uncovered a new piece of technology that could help in the war. As part of a new mission called At Your Fingertips, you get to help find it. Part of this new storyline involves claiming some new gear, including the Dead Man’s Tale catalyst. To get this upgrade, you need to put in some work. The game added a bunch of new weapons, and there are some interesting things to be found, like the exotic scout rifle, Dead Man’s Tale.

And with that new exotic, comes a catalyst upgrade as well. The more difficult part of this process for many players seems to be the At Your Fingertips mission. To unlock the Dead Man’s Catalyst, you need to complete this quest. Here’s what you need to do.

How to get the Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst

When you visit the Tower and speak to Zevala, you will find out that Osiris has a new item that can be used to fight back the new army at the doorstep. The time is now to get back into the Glykon. This is a tough mission with multiple restrictions. The

It won’t be easy, however. This 1320 Power Level mission has a 25-minute timer and comes with a handful of modifiers including Champions: Mob (additional champions), Equipment Locked, Match Game (energy shields are resistant to elemental mismatch), and Chaff (radar is disabled). This makes it a pretty tough run to get through. One of the bigger problems folks seem to have is with the timer. You need to rush to the boss and take them out on the bridge. as the timer will stop when the boss dies.

Since you have locked equipment, that means you have some choices for what to take, but they’re fairly limiting. It’s a good idea to bring a solid set of Shotguns and other heavy weapons for dealing with bosses. The clearing parts can be handled with your primary weapon of choice. You’re going to be dealing with waves of enemies at various points, which means something with good fire rate is a solid idea. Once you have your gear ready to go, it’s time to begin.

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You can also get the completion marks by opening Hidden Caches in the Presage. As part of the quest, you need to find two hidden caches as well.

The Hidden Caches

The first hidden cache is found right after the opening space walk section. Get into the bowels of the ship and blow open the first vent you find down in the engineering tunnels. You will find the first datapad on the floor. Trigger it and it will open a nearby door, leading to the cache.

The second datapad is found after that section, before you get into the main hull of the ship. Head further into the level until you see the datapad lying on the floor in your path. Trigger it, and will open a small vent in the floor nearby that leads to the cache.

When you finally get the Catalyst you can plug it into the weapon to gain extra accuracy and fire rate. It also removes the accuracy penalty from firing in hipfire.
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