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Providence or Bust 2015


With the announcement of the Imperium invasion of Providence. Everyone and their grandmother have been reviewing the Imperium war plan and considering whether or not they would want to play “Honorable Third Party”, and deploy to the area to get in on the action. Based on various leaks, at least two other non Provi or Imperium alliances are heading down to the slaughter.

The Brave Collective has just announced that they will be deploying to Providence to third party on fights. Soundclouds for both the Imperium and BRAVE announcements can be found below. A series of internal mails show both BRAVE’s staging system and upcoming timers.

Brave Collective, we have successefully evacuted from Fountain and rebased our operations in Aunsou. PvP activity and active membership increases with every day. The locals have taken a liking to us and have sent fleets down to destroy (us) daily. However let’s take a moment to remember some of our history. We’ve become the biggest alliance in the game, and then back down to a respectable second place. We’ve captured two regions in null-sec space and promptly evacuated from both. We’ve had 17 coups to date. The most recent being the unintentional coup of the US TZ military director position which I may have had a hand in. Brave Collective has essentially hit the reset button, coming back to our roots and re-establishing ourselves as a more focused PvP alliance. We’ve lived through the orange doughnut of conflict for our entire Eve history, and it’s about time we jumped right back in. It has come to my attention that the Imperium is keeping its honest word by taking the first few steps to establishing their own ruler on the throne of Amarr by invading Providence and establishing Maximilian Singularity VII as ruler of Amarr null-sec. Their military operations start in approximately 1 hour at 1700 Eve Time. I have had word come in that they are moving as we speak. Their plan calls for simultaneous attacks on every constellation in Providence and destroy every Infrastructure-hub and inflict approximately half a trillion in damages. They plan on having at least 15 pilots in every system, keeping absolute control over Providence space. Minnie-love their ganking SIG is currently active in the areas surrounding Providence hoping to cut down fleeing capsuleers from the region. If their military minds and members marshal correctly the war will be over by Saturday with every Providence I-hub destroyed and TCU under Imperium control. Unfortunately for us entering in such a conflict would be fool-hardy as many in New Eden have forsaken Providence to a quick death. Hi-sec war deccers would come out in force, minnie-love would gank our freighter lines and we’d face conflict around every corner. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m not one to back down from a fight. Earlier today I was given full command of Brave’s military might to enact a deployment on the Providence region. This is classified as a light deployment, meaning don’t cart everything with you. You’ll be reshipping at our deployment location and following FC’s on fleets in the area. Marketers have been working their magic all night at our deployment location to ensure you will have plenty of ships. Due to the short nature of this conflict you will have dessie down available to you. Expect plenty of Talwars and Cormorant fleets. If you’d like to make contracts to our destination which is linked in fleet and alliance- Mista V, moon 4, Ishukone Corporation Factory, you can but be aware that this is a short deployment. It will be a maximum of 1 month more likely to last 1-2 weeks. After which we will return to Aunsou. Our objective is to make out with as many kills as can go for as long as this war drags on.

Shortly after this announcement Dreddit, the perpetually recruiting main corp of Test Alliance Please Ignore, declared war upon Brave with the intent to camp their staging with battle Exequrors. DurrHurrDurr sent out the following ping:

Let’s be honest, the presence of TEST and BRAVE, both of which have sorted history with both major belligerents in the coming war; might not have much affect beyond making some fights slightly more complicated. BRAVE’s numbers are way down from where they were even a few months ago. TEST has had solid participation, but it seems unlikely that they will be able to tip the balance in favor of anyone other than Imperium forces.

With BRAVE, TEST and the Imperium all being within 6 jumps of each-other this new Providence war could make for a very interesting conflict nonetheless. Especially if other groups use the conflict as an excuse to screw with the region.

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