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Alleged Scandal involving RMT and IWISK bankers [UPDATED] SITE OWNER RESPONDS


A Reddit user has disclosed an alleged RMT operation within certain bankers of the popular I Want ISK EVE gambling site.  These allegations are allegedly the result of an investigation involving gaming-centric RMT site playerauctions, and as of yet unknown individuals.

UPDATE: Refer to the bottom of the post for the official response from IWantISK!

I Want ISK uses affiliated EVE players to act as in-game bankers for winners on the site.  So that the site can pay out and monitor winnings within the game and correlate the data with internal data from the site.  These bankers go through a review process and are allowed access to an out of game dashboard to manage and monitor withdrawal requests for both items and ISK.  It also seems that bankers can coordinate with site IWISK admins to create site credits to accounts if the API managed deposit system glitches.

And according to the screenshots released by the accuser, the bankers can apparently easily forge withdrawal requests.  At least that’s the clear inference for said Reddit user.  At this point such an inference is based on coincidence at best.  Simply, more information is needed.

Such withdrawal requests could easily be forged by the accuser depositing a certain amount of ISK, creating a purchase order for the same amount of ISK on playerauctions, then withdrawing that ISK again.   It must be said that the IWISK site only allows players themselves to instigate a withdrawal request.  So barring an exploit by bankers, they cannot fix winnings or deposits/withdrawals.  So the Reddit user had to have had something to do with this.  Making him complicit in RMT, even without considering that it’s clearly shown they already did.  Without more data,  this discussion is pointless though as that claim would be a just as baseless as the one of this Reddit user.

As of yet, no data to show exactly who the bankers engaging in RMT are has been released;  and frankly, may not be.  This is also a bit of a weak allegation overall.  It amounts to little more than a baseless claim with some unsourced screenshots of the playerauctions seller site  and an IWISK withdrawal request.  No data has been shown to draw valid causal connections between IWISK and RMT.  As any reasonable person knows, correlation does not equate causation  The investigation now relies on how CCP responds to the ticket the Reddit user has submitted along with what other data that can be found.







In a previous thread on the topic, well-known Twitch streamer and IWISK banker 1RONBANK responded to the allegations:

If this is the same person who contacted me on TS3…

Again I would like to reiterate, if you have any proof that a banker is RMT’ing the isk they make from providing a service on our site, I urge you to contact CCP immediately with your finding.

With regards to IWISK botting to increase profits. I would love to see this evidence as its absurd. We skim naturally a few % as profits and we do not care for who wins or who loses. Also the reputation damage that can be caused by this would be far too much to risk and nonsensical.

Please send me the same info you have found or post it here for all to see. If you send it to me in private, I will share it here for transparency.

Please also note. I am not the owner of IWISK and have no control nor access to any of IWISK website, but I can say 100% that Eep on many occasions has been contacted by people to “rig” stuff for shared profits. On each occasion he has publicly said he will never do this as it will be too damaging to the site and his character.

At the end of the day, no-one will ever really 100% know if we are legit or not along with all the other 3rd party services that supply a service to EVE. All we ask is that you Trust us. If you don’t feel you can do this, do not use us or the other sites.

But I will end with thanks Somer for another post until you reveal your identity o7

The owner of IWantISK has responded to these allegations, their response is shown in full below:

Hello All o/ <3

First I want to address the spam we are generating in local chat rooms. Though we do have rules set in place they aren’t always followed. We will undoubtedly be eliminating the referral system we have as we definitely dislike damaging EVE in any way that makes the game less entertaining and causes users to leave both IwantISK.com and EVE online. Plus, we can host events that generate the same traffic and these events are more controlled than an army of players referring IwantISK.com.

Secondly I will address this post. I have done my own research on this accuser and it seems this person is referred to in-game as Anaaris Khan / Mala Marcelka / Starbuck Arji / Fried French / Edward ThurmanII. This person has had more than enough activity on IwantISK.com to have won/lost billions (enough to resemble the withdrawals he claims and coming from two constantly alternating I.P. addresses).

This also confirms that this is the person that was coming on to our TS3 demanding we sell him ISK and that he knows we do this. I was unable to confirm if there were threats.

Here is an image of his main 2 characters in our database that have had isk deposits totaling well over 100b on one and over 600b on the other. http://i.imgur.com/nvoF9EN.png

Some of the bankers as well as I have filed petitions in regards to this stating that our research has come to the conclusion that this person is making things up. None of the images we have found in regards to these claims are adding up. Neither are the claims.

It just makes no sense. This person could have done much better to falsify this information too, which is why I had to do my research. Why would someone assume that images like these would provide ANY proof? As I dug deeper I could find no inconsistencies. Just a waste of my time and I am not feeling too great at the moment.

Even though I have done my research I cannot say I am 100% sure this OP is lying. There is always a chance something is happening underneath my nose. This is why I do pay attention to RMT claims and even I will file petitions against my own bankers.

Thirdly, I, the owner/creator of http://iwantisk.com/ am not allied or against anyone in the EVE universe. I have never hired anyone simply because they belong to a particular alliance however I have hired people that are recommended to me and they may, at some point, become the majority of my bankers. I am completely neutral as I have not played EVE in a while though it is definitely my favorite game of all time ;)

All the other claims about shills and bots and this and that have already come up in the past and if you Google for it you will find huge articles in regards to it so I will not go into detail about that stuff again.

I refused to dig deeper as I felt this needs more proof from the OP’s point before CCP or the staff at IwantISK.com can investigate further.

People on our site play over 10 trillion ISK a day. 2% (our cut (1.7% on slots)) of that is 200 billion ISK. We generate 200 billion ISK a day that goes back to players in many different ways. Some days we have losses especially when stellar hits and a jackpot pops. We’ve had days where we made -770b and days we’ve made over a trillion. We don’t have code that determines whether the site is profiting too little and thus would start paying less. It is completely random and one day I will figure out a way to show that to you guys =]

I have been looking at some techniques that some gambling websites use that reveal an incomplete hashed version of the results that can then be compared and unscrambled by the users that would want to see if the results remained the same as they were supposed to, however, even with this users will scream that some players know the results all along.

Unless there is some real constructive comments below mine, I will simply not reply as arguing online has no end.

Being transparent isn’t easy but our traffic and history speaks for itself. http://i.imgur.com/fT7NPHe.png

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