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Yellow Turban advances in Total War: Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven DLC

Total War: Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven DLC

Those of you out there who have played Total War: Three Kingdoms know full well the hassle of dealing with one particular rebellious faction in the early game. The Yellow Turban rebellion was a thorn in the side of the Han dynasty, and is also a thorn in the side of players in Creative Assembly’s own retelling of this incredibly influential historical period. And now, with the launch of the Mandate of Heaven DLC, Creative Assembly is aiming to flesh out the iconic rebellion with new characters, units and more.

The Yellow Turban rebellion was an infamous period within the greater Three Kingdoms period of Imperial China. The uprising broke out in 184 AD during the reign of Emperor Ling. The widespread famine and corruption of this period of Chinese history, and led to many foundational elements of Taoism becoming cemented in the cultural identity of the period, largely due to Zhang Jue, one of the leaders of the rebellion. Mandate of Heaven kicks off in 182CE, and acts as a prequel to the setup of the main game.

Speaking of Zhang Jue, he joins three new faction leaders with this DLC. According to the announcement, “Zhang Jue has mustered his brothers and their followers to his cause and sparked a flame in the hearts of the people.” Known as the General of Heaven, the character led the rebellion alongside his two brothers.

Zhang Liang is the General of the People, he and his mortal enemy Lu Zhi, will clash as part of the DLC as well. And according to the DLC description, “the result of this clash could dramatically shift the balance of power!” These two will be joined by the General of the Land, Zhang Bao. This incredibly aggressive third general “forms the spear-tip of the rebellion, hurling himself boldly into the fray. He seeks to rapidly expand the rebels’ sphere of influence.”

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Check out the trailer for the new DLC down below. Along with the DLC, a free update will introduce fixes, balance tweaks and other new content. The Mandate of Heaven DLC and the free update will land on PCs on January 16th.

To play the Mandate of Heaven DLC you need Total War: Three Kingdoms, which is currently available for PC via Steam. If you want to snap up some Steam credit to buy this game, head to Amazon to grab some Steam codes. If you want to earn free Steam credit, head over to PointsPrizes.

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