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Nintendo teases Indie World Showcase for Dec. 10

Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo has been focusing in rather hard on the Switch, reaching a very respectable level of sales and success. The push for more and more casual releases, independent developers and niche titles on the portable platform has been a pretty big win for the Japanese gaming company. And with there being no Nintendo Direct in 2019, the company likely wants a chance to show off some of their games heading into the holiday rush. Enter, the Indie World Showcase that was just teased.

The company confirmed on Twitter today that it will be hosting a new event tomorrow. The event begins on 1 PM EST  on Dec. 10 and will feature “roughly 20 minutes of information on some upcoming indie games for #NintendoSwitch,” with some potential surprises in store, according to the tweet. Nintendo also put up a dedicated page for the event, which will likely collect all of the announcements together.

It will be very interesting to see what Ninty has in store for this event. With the heightened competition heading into 2020 surrounding console games, Nintendo probably wants to get on the level of Microsoft in Sony in some regard. Sony and Microsoft both have their own events for showcasing new AAA and indie titles, with State of Play and X0 events respectively. Sure, Nintendo has their Nintendo Direct livestreams, but they probably decided to do this in response to the growing hype of the 2019 holiday season.

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The Switch may be massively popular, but it still needs all of the help it can get to compete. The focus on smaller games and niche titles has helped broaden the awareness of the system, but it looks like Nintendo feels as though they can do more. It’s hard to predict what exact games we could see, since the Switch already has an impressive library of niche and indie franchises to pick from.

Very popular, and previously exclusive, titles like Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead were already ported to Switch. So there’s a very strong chance that the big N has some fresh meat lined up for the joy of gamers.

We will of course be covering all the announcements right here at ISKMogul, so come back tomorrow for more.

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