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Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation Update Details Enemies


Since our original preview of Neverwinter‘s new Tomb of Annihilation expansion, the progress on the patch has been moving along swimmingly. A recent dev update showed off various game features for Tomb of Annihilation, one of the focuses for this update was a series of new animations for enemies in the expansion.

A few new types of enemies are new Necromancers and the other equally dangerous undead denizens of Chult. Dinosaurs and other exotic creatures will be roaming the land in this module, and it’s your job to take them ALL down. Hunting these beasts will not be as simple as it sounds. The roaming packs of Raptors and highly mobile and ravenous T-Rex will be able to use a variety of situational abilities that the players will have to overcome.

The update also goes into new status effects like partial paralysis. Ir works like this; for the duration, there is a periodic chance you will be stunned. Specifically, every three seconds there is a chance you will be stunned for 1 second. In addition to partial paralysis, enemies like the fierce, snakelike race of yuan-ti will make use of new mechanics like fear and returning mechanics like gaze which first appeared in previous modules.

You can find the animation trailer below.

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