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Surviving the Aftermath introduces Hostile World update

Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath has a new update, its sixth one since launch, that has added some new elements coming to the colony builder. With the new Hostile World features, players will get to experience a whole new level of insane post-apocalyptic nonsense. There are now roving tribes of bandits and raiders that want to spoil your newly built paradise, and you now have to defend it.

There will now be raids against your settlement by bandits, fanatics, and other desperate folk that want your stuff. A new Guard unit has been added to the roster of friendly NPCs that will help with this. Other Specialist units will also be more effective at fighting off attacks compared to your generic colonists. Sure, the basic Colonist can fight back, but they will be quickly overwhelmed. You’re now able to control Specialists directly and issue them orders to move around and attack enemies. This will help with colony defense a fair bit.

Iceflake Studios will also be expanding the game over the coming weeks, developing new content and gameplay mechanics for players to explore and enjoy.

Check out the trailer for Surviving the Aftermath’s new Hostile World content down below. Learn more details about the sixth patch over at the Paradox forums.

And it’s not just bandits and the like destroying your new home. Animals will hunt in packs, and when they get hungry enough, they will come looking for something to eat. The nice warm flesh of your colonists is a good meal for them, so you have to be on the lookout for packs of mutated bears and the like also trying to wreck the place.

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