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Cities: Skylines is bringing Green Cities DLC to consoles

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities Ported to Console

The console edition of Cities: Skylines is slowly catching up to the PC version, and now another batch of DLC is making the jump from PC to consoles. Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive have been doing really great work bringing one of the best city-builders ever made to a new audience on PS4 and Xbox One.

And sure, the console ports lack the huge customization of modding which has drastically extended the lifespan of Cities: Skylines on PC, but the performance cost with mods can be huge, and the consoles just can’t hack it, yet. Maybe with the another few console generations, modding curated by the developers will finally become a free and accessible feature, but speculation about the future isn’t the point here. You’re here to hear about what Green Cities on the PS4 and Xbox One can do for your digital cities.

As with the PC version, more than 350 new assets tied into “green” energy and sustainable living are introduced to Cities: Skylines. Green Cities makes it easy to set up solar and wind power, electric vehicles and public transit, and tons of sustainable building options. The DLC also includes a bevy of new options for policies, tax programs and zoning regulations which allow the player to build their own hippie dream.

So if you own the console versions of this excellent city-builder, why not pick up a copy of the 7th DLC?

Check out the release trailer below for the new DLC, well new for the console version of the game at least. Cities: Skylines – Green Cities released originally on PC back in October 2017 for PC. It is also now out on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

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