Where is Tora the Fearless in Kenshi?


So with the world of Kenshi, things can get weird. It can be hard to figure out where things are. It’s a massive open-world game, and there are so many different factions to deal with, that it can be pretty daunting. There are plenty of things to do, including bounty hunting. Players might also want to know a way to stop those annoying bandit raids on their bases. Much like other bandit leaders, Tora the Fearless is a Shek bandit who leads her own band of miscreants.

Her wanted poster can be found in any bar vendor within the Shek Kingdom. That same faction will also pay 10,000 Cats for her capture. You don’t need to buy the poster to get her to spawn. She spawns in the same base, although at varying times the number of enemies in the camp changes.

Where is Tora the Fearless in Kenshi?

Tora the Fearless is the leader of the Band of Bones. She is located in the Exile Camp South West of Squin. Head south from the southern gate of Squin, you will pass by Waystation. Along the road and directly south of the Stenn Desert Waystation, you will find a large rock formation. At the base of that formation, in a small alcove, you find the Band of Bones’ base.

Where is Tora the Fearless in Kenshi?

The Exile Camp in Kenshi

Her stats and gear are on par with the Dust King, as she has 45 stats in many combat skills. But because of her low bounty, it makes it hard to buy mercs to help take her down. There’s a bloodless way to do this though, and it involves assassination. This is a preferable way if you don’t have a ton of followers you want to risk in a drawn-out battle.

Take the journey with your characters who have the highest Stealth and Assassination skills. You want 2-3 of the characters with skills in the high 50s if you can manage it.

Enter the camp at night by skirting around the back way. There is a ledge above the camp that’s out of view of the sentries that remain awake each night. Save the game if you want to save scum this, then you’re ready to begin. Send your assassins in by assigning each one to take out a different sentry. Taking down the three guards gives you enough time to find Tora and assassinate her while she slumbers. Just mouse over the sleep Shek at the rear of the camp until you find her. Knock her out and grab the body and run back to Squin. If you’re quick and lucky, you can grab her and run out before anyone else even knows you were there.

Because of how close she is to Squin, it’s best to turn her in there. Either carry Tora to the Hundred Guardian or just go upstairs and put her in a cage to claim the Cats.

What happens when Tora the Fearless is taken out?

In the default version of the game, there are two world state triggers associated with Tora. When you take her down, the number of Band of Bones patrolling spawns drops, and their base camp will have fewer people in it. You can still encounter them patrolling in Bonefields, High Bonefields, Shem, Shun, Spider Plains, The Hook, and The Swamp.

The big impact is what happens if certain other bandit leaders are taken out first. If Tora the Fearless is alive and free while Big Gray and Big Grim are dead or captured, the state will change. Those latter NPCs are a village leader in the Swamps and the Hounds leader, respectively.

There are other Shek Kingdom world states that may involve her, but it seems unlikely, as the FCS doesn’t list any by default.

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