How to remove Fire Damage in Minecraft

Despite looking like an ideal fantasy world, Minecraft can be pretty brutal. There are tons of types of damage that you have to deal with. Some of them can be very lethal indeed. Fire damage is a pretty common form of this. When you are set on fire, you take 0.5 hearts per second of pre-armor damage. Some effects can reduce or eliminate this, and that’s what this guide is going to discuss.

How to remove Fire Damage in Minecraft

No one likes being burned to death. Fire Protection and Fire Resistance magic can help prevent this from happening. Players will need to invest in enchantments for a permanent version of these effects. Potions can help as a stop-gap solution though.

Fire Protection reduces all kinds of ongoing fire damage, which is normally not absorbed by armor, up to a maximum of 80%. This cannot be combined with other protection enchants like Blast Protection. You must use commands or mods to override this block.

In Bedrock Edition, you can actually completely block yourself from catching fire by having multiple items equipped with this enchantment. The required level is 7, so you need a total of 7 levels of Fire Protection on your gear for this to work.

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In Java Edition, Fire Protection reduces burn time when set on fire by almost double the rate of the default protection enchants in other versions. This makes it a bit easier to reduce the damage you take from fire.

What about server commands?

Also, some servers can be setup to disable fire damage effects, as they can interfere with some game modes or maps. You will have to ask you server staff if this is the case. By default, you will take damage from fire. If you want to turn the effect off in your own games, use the command /gamerule fireDamage false.

Doing that rule will not prevent fire from spreading or burning down structures, but it will stop the various fire sources from harming the player.

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