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Valorant Release Date

Valorant Release Date

Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, has announced plenty of details for their new game, 5v5 shooter Valorant. The new game is heavily targeting eSports, as gamers will compete in a match-based shootout to prove who is the best at a highly tactical video game. Players will brawl it out with various small arms and heavy weapons in a competitive arena-style shooter, and even from what little we have seen, it looks very fun.

The game has gone through various stages of development behind the scenes, with Riot Games applying a variety of code names to the project like Project A and then Project Ares. Now, fans finally get their first glimpse of the new 5v5 shooter this week as Riot Games unleashed a ton of information about the game.

We’ve seen a bit about the weapons in Valorant, which includes a decent array of snipers, handguns and sub machineguns. The MOBA creator also teased a bit about the widespread appeal they’re aiming for by revealing some pretty modest system requirements. Gamers are curious about many more things though, like when is the Valorant release date. The game has been in the works since October 2019, so there’s unlikely to be any major delays in the current schedule.

The Valorant release date isn’t exactly known though, all we have so far is vague teasers from Riot. Right now, the developers are aiming for a Summer 2020 release, however, there is a catch. That Summer 2020 is a beta, not the full release. This is both good and bad for excited fans. Some will be disappointed by having to wait longer for the full game, but the final polish of the full title should be worth the wait.

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As to what the beta could contain, expect a few maps, most of the first round of weapons, and some basic team deathmatch style game modes, of course this is all conjecture at this point as Riot Games has been pretty tight-lipped about it all.

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