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Warframe teases The Sacrifice expansion in new trailers

Warframe The Sacrifice Expansion

The central story of Warframe is about to get even more mysterious and complex with the release of The Sacrifice, the next major expansion for the F2P game.

There’s a bunch of cryptic new messages for players to decode. There’s teases scattered throughout the game, the expansion site and the trailers below. All of them are likely to play some role in the new story arc for the expansion. So that means Warframe players are scrambling to try and get any advantage they can before the expansion hits later this month.

As far as we know, this new release will be a pivotal point in the story of Warframe. But players won’t just be able to jump in, they’ll need to do some prep work for both the story and gameplay to make sense. The trailer below highly recommends that in order to be prepared for The Sacrifice, players should complete The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and after all that, trigger the Apostasy Prologue by entering your shiny new personal quarters aboard your ship. Although be prepared for all of those quests to take dozens of hours to complete at a minimum.

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Check out the Warframe: The Sacrifice trailers below. Be forewarned, there be spoilers down there. Also, If you’re an active player, head over to The Sacrifice’s official site where you can grab a code for some cosmetic items.

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