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Sony announces PS Plus games for December 2018

PS Plus Games for December 2018

With the oncoming rush of holiday cheer and shopping that December brings, comes many a deal and bundle from all across the gaming industry. To get in on the fun, Sony has just announced the PS Plus lineup for December, and it’s got a good mix of fun, spookiness and gaming goodness.

To start things off, PS4 owners will get Soma, a surreal horror title that takes place at a secret research facility deep beneath the ocean. This game takes a lot of twists and turns and loves messing with your head. And unlike many creepy games that mainly offer jump scares, this one actually has something to say, so strap in for quite the ride in Soma.

PS4 gamers can also pick up a copy of Onrush, a racing title that turns the action up to 11 with lots of crazy racing. The game blends and Overwatch-style abilities system with the crash-heavy racing of the Burnout series of games to create a unique and fast-paced experience.

PS3 owners also get some treats this month with some interesting lesser-known indie titles. Space-based shooter Steredenn and creepy visual novel SteinsGate join the pack on the older console.

And PS Vita owners even get to join in with the excellent Papers, Please, the narrative-driven, puzzle-solver by the equally excellent Lucas Pope. Metroidvania-inspired Iconoclasts rounds out the offerings this month.

PS Plus users can grab all these games for free between December 4 and January 1. Look below for a full rundown of all of the free games, plus a trailer showing them in action.

Free PS Plus Games For December 2018


  • Soma
  • Onrush
  • Iconoclasts (also on PS Vita)


  • Steredenn
  • SteinsGate

PS Vita

  • Papers, Please
  • Iconoclasts (also on PS4)
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