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Through the Darkest of Times has a publisher

Through the Darkest of Times

The prospect of a rising far-right across the globe has led to an extremely disturbing trend of ignorance and willful silence surrounding the history of these ideologies. Developer Paintbucket Games has joined forces with HandyGames for Through the Darkest of Times, to help correct these issues.

In Through the Darkest of Times, players take on the role of an everyday citizen in 1933 Berlin, at the tailend of the Nazi rise to power. The Fascists are in the middle of their vicious suppression of political opponents. Through harassment, violence and taking advantage of apathy, the wolves are knocking down the gate, and things are only getting worse. It’s against this backdrop that the player must organize an increasingly desperate and dangerous resistance against the regime.

The gameplay in Through the Darkest of Times centers on a deeply personal story with very high stakes. Each character has their own story, fears and capability. Balancing these elements while ensuring the security of the resistance for as long as possible is crucial in the game. But eventually, the Third Reich will catch on and start hunting you. Everything becomes much more dangerous as time passes and more resources are dedicated to hunting you down. Can you change the course of history? Will you fail miserably? These questions are central to the experience in Through the Darkest of Times.

This pitch was enough for publisher HandyGames to jump on board. The company emphasizes the importance of such a story in gaming. Not just in these current times, but as a constant historical lesson.

Markus Kassulke, CEO HandyGames had the following to say about this game and it’s important story.

“We think it’s crucial to have a game like Through the Darkest of Times made in Germany. It’s not about teaching a lesson about the Third Reich like a serious game – it puts the player in the dire situation of these dark days. We are proud to publish such an important game.”

The game will be released for PC and Mac in 2019.

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