How to mute players in Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic Basics

Anyone who has played Dwarf Fortress knows that dwarves love mining. And now you can do it, in space. Deep Rock Galactic is a new and unique game that takes resource gathering, combat and being a dwarf to new heights. You get given various tasks to complete, and must finish them by gathering ores, researching tech and other goals. Then, you can explore the depths of a rocky asteroid or planet, delving to your heart’s content. And that’s where the fun begins.

Players can even join in on the fun of space mining with friends and random other players. The multiplayer section has full voice chat, making in-game comms much simpler than without it. But sometimes, you might want to be too talkative. Here’s how you can mute players in Deep Rock Galactic to reduce the chatter.

How to mute players in Deep Rock Galactic

To mute other players in your team, you can use the in-game menu. When you load into the match, open the menu and look at the top of the screen. You can mouse over each player in the game and see details on them, To mute players in Deep Rock Galactic you need to select them via the menu and then choose the option to mute them. If you’re on PC, hold Tab to bring up the characters on the left side, and you can press mute.

Doing so will prevent you from hearing audio via the in-game voice comms. This can help if someone is being toxic, or if you’re just not in the mood to talk. Mutes are based on the profile, not the match, so a player should stay muted if you end up in another game. You will still get audio feedback from other sources. Those on PS5 will still get audio from the Dualsense controller, and you can only disable that in the options menu.

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You may also want to learn the controls for this game to help you get used to the gameplay.

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