Deep Rock Galactic Controls

Deep Rock Galactic Basics

Getting dropped onto an alien world as an ore-hungry dwarf is a lot more fun that it sounds. Once you’re kitted out and dropped into a mining expedition in Deep Rock Galactic, you have a lot of stuff to do.  You can explore the depths of a rocky asteroid or planet, delving to your heart’s content. And that’s where the fun begins. The game already has a great tutorial system for explaining the basics, but it can’t hurt to use out-of-game resources too.

Learning the Deep Rock Galactic Controls can be the difference between life and death for a dwarf. If you can’t swap to your various weapons, you’re going to be in trouble. But, the game isn’t all about combat. There will be environmental hazards like giant chasms that you need to cross. Things like the Mobility Tool can help with that.

The various tools for requesting Resupply and moving around become vital for some of the higher difficulty levels. Check out the controls listed below for each platform, learn how to resupply, and more.

Deep Rock Galactic Controls

Xbox Controller Keyboard and Mouse Action
Player Interaction
Left Stick W, A, S, D Move Character
Right Stick Move Mouse Camera Movement
A Spacebar Jump
Left Stick Button Shift Sprint
X E Activate/Pick Up
Z Push to Talk
Left Bumper X Shout
Right Stick Button V Salute
Weapons and Tools
Right Trigger Left Mouse Button Fire Weapon
Left Trigger Right Mouse Button Swing Pickaxe
Scroll Wheel Switch Equipment
D-Pad Up 1 Equip Primary Weapon
D-Pad Left 2 Equip Secondary Weapon
D-Pad Down 3 Equip Utility Tool
D-Pad Right 4 Equip Mobility Tool
D-pad Down Twice 5 Equip Resupply Tool
Hold Left Button Ctrl Equip Laser Pointer
Q Previous Item
X R Reload Weapon
B F Throw Flare
Right Bumper G Throw Grenade
Y C Call for the M.U.L.E
Share/Back Tab Show Terrain Scanner
Hold B Hold F Toggle Headlight
Menus and Miscellaneous
Menu/Start Escape (Esc) Open the Menu
A Left Mouse Button/Enter Accept
B Escape (Esc) Close Terminal/Menu
Y C Invite Friends
Y Accept Invite
N Reject Invite
I Ignore Invite
Hold H Toggle HUD
Enter Chat
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