How to unlock Underhalls in Minecraft Dungeons

How to unlock Underhalls in Minecraft Dungeons

Underhalls in Minecraft Dungeons is another of the secret zones tucked away in the game. Whether you’re farming for emeralds or achievements, there’s a lot of really good loot to be plucked here. There area a bunch of secret levels too. And if you’re looking for more of a challenge, the game also features some uniquely challenging higher difficulty levels as well.

With all these hidden zones, there’s actually a fair bit of hunting you have to do find them. Each one involves hunting for a special map in a certain zone. It also usually involves a bunch of killing of mobs and navigating to traps.  For Highblock Halls, you can unlock the secret level, Underhalls. The Underhalls in Minecraft Dungeons are pretty spooky, but lots of fun.

Keep in mind that you need to unlock these zones in order to get them to spawn properly. Some players are reporting that to unlock Arch Haven, you first need to unlock Soggy Caves. And to unlock the Underhalls in Minecraft Dungeons, you need to do those first two as well.

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So head into the Highblock Halls level. Keep your eyes open for that first staircase. There’s a large chandelier above it, denoting the proper pathway. Head down until you find the stone wall with two shields mounted on it. The location of these two shields will change slightly during each run, so it won’t always be in the same place. The color of the shields will also change. Many players are reporting that the color is most often black and white. Interact with the shield on the left-hand side, and a crevice should open in the wall nearby.

This is the easiest of the secret levels to unlock. You don’t have to deal with any traps or mob ambushes to claim this map. Head out and complete the dungeon run to gain access to the Underhalls mission.

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