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Terminator: Resistance Infiltrator mode coming to Steam

Terminator: Resistance Infiltrator mode is a new mode coming to the action-adventure, but only for PC players, and only on Steam. Infiltrator Mode is currently only planning to drop on Steam, and there have been no announcements about other plans. So let’s talk about what the new mode has in store.

Terminator: Resistance is a bit of a unique mixture of the Terminator franchise of films and games, combined with a singleplayer story-driven action game. The player takes on a rather cheesily named Jacob Rivers, an LA-based resistance fighter who helps the humans against Skynet. As you play through the story you build relationships and take on various robots to fight back. The story and gameplay had some interesting beats and even a few innovative gameplay concepts. But overall, it’s a pretty generic shooter.

With the new Terminator: Resistance Infiltrator mode, the game is flipping the concept on its head. The players will take on the role of a T-800 hunting a local resistance leader. It’s a mix of the stealth mechanics from the base game and a new perspective, something that’s a little unique to this game. The player will have to dodge Resistance fighters and gather intel as they hunt their target, and eventually do battle with them as a boss.

Check out the trailer teasing the new mode below. The update is out now via a patch, and is free for everyone who owns the game on Steam.

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