How to Sync Your Xbox Series X Controller to the Console

How to Sync Your Xbox Series X Controller to the Console

The launch day for the Xbox Series X/S is almost upon the world. If you’re in that group of early adopters, you might have some questions. Or if you haven’t been on the Xbox train for a while, you might have forgotten some things. We’ve assembled some basic guides for how to handle various features while setting up your console.

For example, maybe you forgot how the controllers work, so let’s get a little refresher on this topic. When you first boot up your new Xbox and go through the setup, it will ask you to pair a controller as one of the first steps. Here’s how to do that. Just like the last generation, these are wireless controllers. You don’t need to fuss with plugging them in and tripping over wires, you just need to pair the controller to the console.

Here is how to sync controllers to the Xbox Series X|S:

  1. Click the button above the USB Port on the Xbox Series X|S located at the front of the console. The LED on the front should begin flashing.
  2. There is a small circular button on top of the Series X|S controller beside the Left Bumper button. Click that button in and the LED on the controller should flash as well.
  3. When both the Console and Controller’s lights turn solid, it means that the controller and console are now paired and you can begin gaming.
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Make sure that your controller is charged before doing this, as a controller with low power might have issues connecting. The controllers use Bluetooth as well, so if you have other Bluetooth devices nearby, maybe turn them off to avoid the controller trying to connect to them for some reason. If you still can’t get the controller to sync, you may want to return it to the store for a replacement if possible.

Once you have it paired, you can go into the console settings and adjust the controller mapping and other features at your leisure. Or you can just get straight to gaming.

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