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System Shock 3 releases gameplay teaser, shows new progress

System Shock 3 Gameplay Teaser Trailer

System Shock 3 has had some troubles in the past few months. With the development on the long-awaited sequel finally getting underway over at OtherSide Entertainment, fans of the iconic sci-fi game series were finally looking to the future of the long-thought-dead franchise. The first signs of life for other parts of the franchise, like a full remaster of System Shock 2 from Nightdive, offered more glimmers of hope and nostalgia. but the ship quickly hit rocks.

Despite progress on the remaster going seemingly well, the new game was in trouble. System Shock 3 was formerly announced through a teaser site on December 8th, 2015, but relatively little had been seen since that time, with only the briefest glimpses of teasers and screenshots being offered since that time. Bad news struck when the previous publisher and rights holder, Starbreeze, fell on hard financial times after the failure of their Walking Dead title, and was forced to sell off said rights. The future of the project looked even more bleak, as uncertainty threatened to cast the entire project into oblivion. There was even a kerfuffle over a $12 million investment that Starbreeze had made into the project, which round up being returned by the developer.

But now that’s all changed for the better, as Otherside Entertainment has offered some good news for fans. The first true snippet of pre-alpha gameplay has been dropped, showing a few more glimpses of the desperate and disastrous world that SHODAN has once again forced the player into. We saw a bit more of this in the trailer from GDC 2019, and don’t worry, Otherside has taken fan feedback to heart since then, and is working to tweak the tone and gameplay experience to deliver exactly what fans want.

In terms of story, we’re still somewhat in the dark, but we do know a bit. The game will pick up where System Shock 2 left off, with SHODAN surviving the events of the previous game.

Check out the teaser down below. There’s still no release date for System Shock 3, but the game is still planning to drop for PC, with a potential cosnole release also in the cards.

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