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System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition announced by Nightdive Studios

System Shock Remake

Enhanced Editions, Remasters, Ultimate Editions and every other name under the sun has been dreamed up to say, “hey, we’re releasing a new version of this classic game.” And now, a stalwart sci-fi video game is getting that treatment. Nightdive Studios, the same group behind the remade version of the original System Shock 2 that was released via GOG in 2013.

Now, the team is back after having ported many retro games to modern platforms, to offer yet another shot of life into the legendary tales of Shodan. We don’t know much about the remastered version yet, but we can definitely expect a combination of completely overhauled visuals, bug fixes and an overall streamlined experience.

The company has a well-established reputation for quality ports, so I can’t imagine this turning out to be bad. Nightdive has worked on a remake of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, multiple Wizardry titles, and even a stint in the Humble Bundle, and that’s just a sample of their work.

The System Shock franchise has been through the ringer a bit recently though, casting aspersions on whether this re-release would ever happen. And even though Nightdive collected  $1.3 million Kickstarter from 21,000+ backers, there were a lot of suspicions about the management of the project.

But don’t let that count the franchise out at all. System Shock 2 has a very diverse and popular modding scene, both on the Nexus and ModDB. The game had been bouncing around the abandonware scene for years before being revived in 2013, and now this latest project looks to completely change the face that we associate with the legendary sci-fi title, but in a good way. By introducing a new art style to the remakes, the System Shock franchise is about to get a nice and fresh coat of paint.

The development of this remake has hit some problems though. Development on Nightdive’s projects hit some snags, when the development had to be put on hold as issues with planning and resources became impossible to overcome.

It’s also worth mentioning that System Shock 3 continues its development, although not without issues. Starbreeze, the troubled Swedish company behind the failed The Walking Dead co-op shooter, had to sell-off the publishing rights to the sequel to generate some capital.

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