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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw releases fun new trailer poking fun at the competition

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

In this newest trailer, Double Damage Games is poking some easy fun at Star Citizen and its absurd indirect price tag. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is taking the tone straight into the sarcastic sewer with both the gameplay and its promo material, as this new trailer shows.

If you like loud music, big greasy explosions, ridiculously unrealistic space flight, seedy bars, dingy billiards tables, and exceptionally sexy aliens, then this just might be the game you’re looking for. Please send $1,000 to Double Damage Games to receive an image of the ship you’d like to eventually buy in our game once we finish designing it, and we’ll get you on the list.

The game functions as a prequel to the first Rebel Galaxy, with the player in control of Juno Markev. This game is a fair bit of a departure from the original game, with a focus on fighter-heavy combat and putting all the flair on cockpits and dogfighting when the lasers start flying. Another big shift is that the game will now allow Y-axis flight making ships much more maneuverable.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is due out sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. There may be more on the way though. Check out the latest trailer for the game down below. You can also see more about the game over at the official FAQ page.

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