How to get the Psychobuff Recipe in Fallout 76

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Chems are a huge part of the Fallout franchise lore-wise. Players who have spent time in the wasteland will know full well the benefits of chems. From RadAway to help keep you detoxed, to StimPaks to patch you up, they have their uses. And with Fallout 76′s focus on trading and crafting, things took a turn. Players are now chasing down Chem recipes and materials to fuel their drug industry.

The Psychobuff Recipe in Fallout 76 is one of the more obscure ones. Here’s what it can do, and how to get more of it.

How to get the Psychobuff Recipe in Fallout 76

Psychobuff is what players get when they combine Psycho with a little bit of Buffout. This chem increases a player’s health by 65, increases their strength and endurance by 3, and increases their damage by 25% for 3 minutes.

There are multiple ways to get your hands on the Psychobuff Recipe. There are actually some perks that will help you out as well. The Pharma Farma perk allows you to harvest extra chems from any spawned chemical container.

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Mirrors found in bathrooms are the best sources of any chems and chem recipes in the game. And that includes Psychobuff.  Other items that can be found in mirrors include Berry Mentats, Bufftats, Disease Cures, Fury and so many more. Some of these are harder to find than others.

These combined with the right perk can make you a Chem-farming machine. it’s also possible to get the Psychobuff and other medicine from a few quests. Personal Matters, Earth Mover, or Duchess’s Stash quests all reward Psychobuff and a few other items upon completion. Players can also run daily and event missions in the Ash Heap to get more.

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