How to use Cheat Codes and Console Commands in XCOM: Chimera Squad

XCOM: Chimera Squad

How you want to play singleplayer games, be they on PC or console is your preference. Some players enjoy the challenge of learning and beating a new game. Some want to put the training wheels on and learn the game at a slower pace, possibly breaking down in more detail how each mechanic works by learning what satisfies it. Other players just want to jump in and dominate the competition.

Whatever your style, the option is usually there for all three of those approaches, mostly thanks to debug tools or command consoles. Developers have mostly moved away from the old school cheat codes systems common to earlier console generations though, now it’s all debugging tools and exploits. And with XCOM: Chimera Squad the trend is continuing.

So if you want to dominate in XCOM: Chimera Squad, here’s how to enable console commands to spawn resources and gear for your units.

Steam is a bit different than the normal method. Right-click on XCOM: Chimera Squad in your Steam library and select Properties. Go to launch options and type in “-allowconsole”. (without the quotes)

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If you are launching the game from a shortcut on your Desktop, copy and paste the following line into the target field, C:\Games\XCOM: Chimera\Binaries\Win64\XCom.exe” -allowconsole

The next time you launch the game, press the tilde key to open the console during play. This will allow you to type in a variety of Console Commands in XCOM: Chimera Squad that will unlock new gear and weapons, as well as resources for building new gear and units. Players will notice that much of the commands are similar to those in XCOM 2, check below for a list of some Console Commands in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Console Commands in XCOM: Chimera Squad

Console Command Effect
GiveItem AimUpgrade_Sup 10 Gain 10 Scope upgrades
GiveItem APRounds 10 Gain 10 AP rounds
GiveItem ClipsizeUpgrade_Sup 10 Gain 10 Extended Magazine upgrades
GiveItem Medikit 10 Gain 10 Medkits
GiveItem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup 10 Gain 10 Stock upgrades
GiveItem VenomRounds 10 Gain 10 Venom rounds
GiveResource credits 100 Gain 100 Credits
GiveResource intel 100 Gain 100 Intel
GiveResources elerium 100 Gain 100 Elerium
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