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V-3 was the site of quite a large battle, and morale victory over PL.  In which both a PL titan and Aeon  hilariously died in B-3.

The fight in V-3 began when a PL Machariel gang was roaming in the system, was alerted that recently out of Reinforced tower was once again being targeted.  The ships doing the targeting were 3 dreads.  PL and allies quickly got bubbles on the dreads, and prepared to warp in a response fleet to clear them from the field.  At this point, the Machariel fleet warped in and began the slow process of taking them out.

As the first Dreadnought went down, PL had an internal conflict over how to proceed.  Some wanted to being in caps and supercaps, some wanted to just continue using subcaps.  It was at this point that a well-known PL member ordered a cyno lit so they could bring their titan in.

This proved to be a costly mistake for Hurley of North Eastern Swat, one of the more infamous titan pilots in the game.  As the Moros being targeted by the PL titan on field was tanked against their vaunted Doomsday weapons.  The original pilot who ordered the cyno allegedly panicked, and caused enough chaos to allow Black Legion to respond with a mass of ships that materialized on field through a nearby wormhole and primaried PL and it’s caps/supercaps.  The situation was made worse for PL as HERO joined the fight with a force of subcaps.

It was during this time that the forces engaging PL were able to deploy cyno inhibitors. This was to block the return of PL forces that had retreated from the fight temporarily to regroup after the mass entrance of BL and BNI.

As PL forces died caught between 500 hostile pilots and the cyno blockade, a combination of rage and congrats filled the chat channels of all involved.  The final value of the titan kill alone comes to ~146 Billion ISK.

NC. did also join the fight in the system and began clearing the field of HERO subcaps in short order.  In what seems to be more of a search for content than a revenge for PL.  The Aeon which died was caught by HERO tacklers on the way out of V-3, and quickly wiped off the field by a combined Black Legion and HERO response.

Over the several hours in the fight took place, HERO, N3, PL, BL, and many others warped into the system to shoot stuff.  Several hundred ships have been destroyed as of the time of writing.  I must say, the coordination and execution of this fight for most involved was incredible.  This is what EVE is about.  And judging from the fact that a lot of the pilots involved are in their first month of EVE, this bodes well for the future of finding good fights, and the game in general.


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