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[Patch Notes] Patch Notes For Mosaic ~CCP Falcon

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Patch notes for Mosaic 1.0

For Release on Tuesday, April 28, 2015



  • Cider Upgrade for Mac Clients
  • New anchor and unanchor effects for deployable structures
  • V3 Asset Updates for all Player Owned Starbase (POS) structures
  • New POS Force Field Effect
  • Damage Control Icon redesign


  • FR: Vagabonds has been changed back to Drifters
  • FR: Talwar and Onyx bonuses have been updated in ISIS
  • FR, DE RU: defect fixes and terminology issues resolved


  • The penalty for fitting warp rigs has been changed from CPU capacity to signature radius
  • The Entosis Link can now be manufactured


  • Corporation adverts can now specify minimum skill points.
  • The basic tutorial (up to Career agents) has been completely removed and replaced with the Opportunities system. For more information please read this Dev Blog.
  • This includes tutorial pop up windows that occurred during the career agents missions
  • Opportunities content will be enabled for all players including veteran players
  • The Opportunity system includes a number of tasks that can be undertaken in any order at any time
  • Opportunities can be viewed and navigated via the Opportunities map, accessible via a button on the Neocom
  • The Opportunities panel is available by default as part of the Info Panels to the left of the screen

Missions NPCs:

  • Two new Level 4 Burner Missions have been added. These missions allow certain medium sized ships entry and are completely optional, with no penalty for declining

Science Industry:

  • The Zydrine and Megacyte consumption of almost all blueprints have been doubled.

The compositions of several ore variations have been adjusted. Their new values are:


Tritanium: 22000

Mexallon: 2500

Megacyte: 320


Pyerite: 12000

Zydrine: 450

Megacyte: 100


Tritanium: 21000

Nocxium: 760

Zydrine: 135

Dark Ochre:

Tritanium: 10000

Isogen: 1600

Nocxium: 120


Pyerite: 2200

Mexallon: 2400

Isogen: 300


Tritanium: 56000

Pyerite: 12050

Mexallon: 2100

Isogen: 450


Morphite: 300


Pyerite: 1000

Isogen: 200

Nocxium: 100

Zydrine: 19


Tritanium: 2200

Isogen: 100

Nocxium: 120

Zydrine: 15


Mexallon: 350

Nocxium: 75

Zydrine: 8

  • The ore compositions of the Mining Anomalies generated by the Ore Prospecting Array upgrade have been adjusted to better reflect average mineral usage in industry.

Ships :

  • The Confessor and Svipul Tactical Destroyers have been rebalanced and their build components have been adjusted.


  • New Role Bonus: +50% Small Energy Turret Damage
  • Highslots: 6 (-1)
  • Turrets: 4 (-2)
  • Powergrid: 62 (-18)
  • CPU: 180 (-10)
  • Max Velocity: 235 (-45)
  • Mass: 2,000,000kg (-400,000)
  • Inertia: 2.7 (+0.55)
  • Shield Recharge Time: 800s (+175s)
  • Capacitor Recharge Time: 320s (+20s)


  • New Role Bonus: +50% Small Projectile Turret Damage
  • Highslots: 6 (-1)
  • Turrets: 4 (-2)
  • Powergrid: 59 (-19)
  • CPU: 205 (-10)
  • Max Velocity: 230 (-60)
  • Mass: 1,500,000 (-400,000)
  • Inertia: 3.5 (+0.85)
  • Shield Recharge Time: 800s (+175s)
  • Capacitor Recharge Time: 240s (+15s)
  • Material Requirements have been changed: +1 to each of Electromechanical Interface Nexus, Fullerene Intercalated Sheets, Optimized Nano-engines, Reconfigured Subspace Calibrator, Self-Assembling Nanolattice, Warfare Computation Core
  • Battlecruiser and Command Ship warp speed and acceleration have been increased by approximately 8%

Structures Deployables:

The volume of Infrastructure Hubs and Infrastructure Upgrades have been reduced:

  • Infrastructure Hubs: 60,000 m3
  • Military/Industrial upgrades: From 5,000 m3 to 60,000 m3 (depending on the level)
  • Strategic Upgrades: 200,000 m3
  • Infrastructure Upgrades may now be manufactured from blueprints.
  • Structures may now be deployed to space from ship Fleet Hangars
  • The rate at which mining accumulates Sovereignty Industrial Index points has been greatly increased
  • The rate at which killing NPCs accumulates Sovereignty Military Index points has been greatly increased
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User Interface:

  • Added Opportunities button to Neocom menu.
  • Fittings dropped into market quickbar will now include numbers for quantity of each module.
  • New Map: added factional warfare and sovereignty color filters.
  • New Map: double-clicking map header will now toggle full screen mode.
  • New Map: added functionality for location names to be drag dropped from dropdown lists inside the map.
  • New Map: added ‘Recent’ filters to top of filter menu.
  • New Map: Probing – added double click on probe result to focus map.
  • Skill queues can now be imported from clipboard.
  • Added tooltip to custom probe formation button in probing window.
  • Fitting window will remain open during docking and undocking
  • Top level icons for Control Tower, Storage Group, and Starbases have been updated in the inventory window
  • The notification coming up when unanchoring Personal Hangar Arrays should now properly mention this action will also delete items belonging to other corporation members housed inside the structure.
  • Sensor Overlay graphics updated.
  • Sensor Overlay only does a 360 sweep when first entering a solar system and no longer repeats.
  • When the Sensor Overlay is turned off nothing will appear in the space scene and the compass becomes more transparent.
  • Role management UI has been restructured. More information can be found in this forum thread



  • Standard containers in space are now also cleaned up during some downtimes, same as other space junk.
  • Fixed corporation ad searching not showing ads from the largest corps in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking + show info on any recruiter in recruitment ads with multiple recruiters always showed the info for the last recruiter
  • Fixed an issue where non-double clicks could be incorrectly interpreted as move commands.
  • Fixed an issue causing inconsistencies in combat logs.
  • Changed meta level of ‘Plough’ Heavy Capacitor Booster from 7 to 6.
  • Changed Mjolnir Rage blueprint rocket fuel requirement from 8 to 6 as per other rockets.
  • Cynosural fields may no longer be lit within the potential forcefield range of an Anchored, Online or Reinforced starbase, whether the forcefield is active or not.


  • Realigned default camera FOV after pod death
  • Adjusted cloaking effect to work correctly with the new map.
  • Corrected Loyalty Point Store blueprint icons.
  • Resolved an issue whereby resizing 3D Preview windows would break the render and crash Mac clients.
  • Removed scleral discoloration for Low Quality Characters on Mac clients.
  • Fixed CR line breaks incorrectly being interpreted by Mac clients.
  • Prevented Mac client graphical corruption by clamping AntiAliasing to Disabled


  • Fixed station panel button labels appearing incorrectly on localized clients.

Missions NPCs:

  • A typo in the mission ‘Right to Rule’ has been fixed.
  • A naming error with the Mineral Container item has been fixed
  • A typo in the Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point combat site has been fixed.
  • A grammatical error in the description of Obsidian Ochre has been fixed.
  • A grammatical error in the mission ‘Athran Exigency (1 of 5)’ has been fixed.
  • Long waits in between waves in the combat mission ‘Technological Secrets 1 of 3 ‘ have been lowered.
  • A visual issue during the ‘A Better World’ mining mission has been fixed.
  • A despawning issue with the ‘Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm’ combat site has been fixed.
  • Some objects that caused collision issues within the combat site ‘Serpentis Watch’ have been repositioned.
  • A despawning issue with the ‘Serpentis Drug Outlet’ combat site has been fixed.
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