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Minecraft Java users must merge Mojang accounts with Microsoft


In a post on the Minecraft website, the studio announced a pretty big change for Minecraft Java users. It turns out that the Mojang account will effectively be a thing of the past pretty soon. Don’t worry though, you’re not losing access to the popular adventure game when that happens. Mojang Studios has announced that it will be merging PC Minecraft accounts with Microsoft accounts next year.

The announcement coincided with the release of a video update and FAQ explaining the whole thing. The migration and merger will happen in “early 2021” and is planned to go off in stages. Batches of users should get e-mails instructing them on how to create and link accounts sometime around then.

Your account-level changes like the ability to create and use mods and skins will remain. And players won’t be locked into the Minecraft Marketplace as is the case with the Bedrock Edition. That means mod distribution will remain largely the same. Although your launchers and servers may need to do some backend work to ensure compatibility.

The reason for this is so that Microsoft and Mojang can implement better features in the future. Two-factor authentication is a big one, and is very much a good idea. This will also make it easier for users to manage their games and installs as they have all their Minecraft games in one place. The future plans for this move involve improved parental controls as well as chat moderation and blocking features being added.

You can check out a full FAQ on the move on the Minecraft Support website if you have more questions.

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