How to craft chains in Minecraft

How to update Minecraft to 1.16 The Nether Update

There are a few new cosmetic items in the Nether update in the 1.16 version of Minecraft. Mojang has done a great job of adding a bunch of new content in this patch, and chains are just one such item. The new item added this patch is a decorative block that can be used for some practical purposes. So whether you just want them to hang around, or you want to slap some light sources around, you’ve got a new option with chains in Minecraft.

You only need a few resources to make chains in Minecraft. There are only two nuggets for starters. You also need one Iron Ingot. Put the items in the center row of a crafting table. To make a chain block, you will need to place an Iron Ingot in the center of your crafting table, with an Iron Nugget above and below it. This will then produce a chain.

The chain can be used to suspend a bunch of blocks and attach them together. They are very useful for decoration and have a few different sources outside of crafting, making them very easy to come by.

If you want to see the visual layout of the crafting table, it’s included below:

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How to craft chains in Minecraft

As for where you can find them naturally, they mostly spawn within the new zones and biomes of the Nether. They are most often found hanging around Bastions, and ruined portals too. They can spawn in any Nether biome too, except the basalt delta biome.

Chains can be broken with any kind of pickaxe to grab them for other projects. You will not be able to break it with any other type of tool. Chains can be useful for applying themes to your builds and for tethering lights around the place, so grab them when you see them. chains in Minecraft can be used to string up both kinds of lanterns, as well as some other blocks.

Though no, you cannot use them as a lead or other restraint. These are purely a decorative item in this game.

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