How to farm Finishing Touch in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - Dawning 2021

The Dawning is back in Destiny 2, which means it is time to bury every NPC in the game under a candy mountain. And you don’t have a magical unicorn to help you out. The Dawning 2021 recipes are very similar to previous runs of the event. Each of the Dawning 2021 recipes must be taken to the correct NPC to complete the quest. The process involves taking down a specific enemy type, or taking them out with a certain weapon. Finishers are key here, as the ingredient in this guide only drops when you kill an enemy with one of those.

How to farm Finishing Touch in Destiny 2

The key with this item is to weaken, but not kill enemies. When you break down mini-bosses and other tough enemies into a small faction of their remaining health. they start to glow. The golden aura is your cue. Run over and interact with the weakened enemy to perform a finisher on them. There’s a chance that a Finishing Touch will drop when you do this. It seems to be very rare though, so you might be in for some effort.

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Lost Sectors with your friends are the best way to farm many of the move and weapon-specific ingredients, including Finishing Touch. You get free reign of a zone and it allows you to freely farm without having to compete with too many other players for drops. Luckily, you only need one to make the Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

Once you have the Finishing Touch, it’s time to get baking. Head back to the Holiday Oven and craft the recipes you’re after with the Dawning 2021 ingredients you were able to get. Take another name off of Eva’s list and move on. Take the cookie to Eris once it’s baked. They can be found in Sanctuary on the Moon.

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