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PlayStation Now expanding to more European countries, public beta soon

Playstation Now adds 11 new games

It looks like PlayStation Now will soon be open to many more gamers across the globe, according to a blog post from Sony. The entertainment giant has revealed that a new batch of countries will be getting a public beta for the expanded PS Now service in February 2019.

If you had no idea, Playstation Now is a service which allows gamers to stream games directly to their PS4 consoles, with access to a library of hundreds of games. There’s also an option to stream some games to PCs as well. And yes, you can download games to your consoles for later offline play as well, all for one low monthly price.

Now you might be wondering what countries are included and what games are on offer. Sony was kind enough to provide some basic details as to what countries will now game access to the game streaming that PS Now offers. The service is planned to roll out to Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Previously, the only European countries who have had access to PlayStation Now has been UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg and Ireland. And of course, users in other countries like the US and Canada already have access.

In terms of games, Sony didn’t provide a full list, but they did tease that games would “access to over 600+ games from the PS4, PS3 and PS2 eras.” The game being offered run the gamut from sports and family titles, to Mature blockbusters, with everything in between as well.

There’s something on offer for every type of player, from racing games to beat ’em ups, shooters to indies, RPGs to family fun, and everything in between. Recent titles to join the service include Prey, For Honor, Mafia III and DiRT 4, with more games added every month.

Sony plans to kick off a beta period strictly for PS4 owners that will open registration in early February 2019. No release date for open access was announced, but we can expect sometime in 2019 as a reasonable window.

Source: PlayStation EU Blog

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