How to destroy IO Equipment to collect Electronic Parts in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

The latest seasonal challenge in Fortnite is here. IO is back to their old tricks again this week, as they’re drilling for something. Five separate spawns around the map have been found, and your job is to take them out. You need to find and destroy IO equipment in Fortnite and collect the scrap that gets leftover. It’s a fairly easy challenge to do, provided you know where to look. Use this guide to find some spots to go find this stuff.

How to destroy IO Equipment to collect Electronic Parts in Fortnite

The IO equipment in Fortnite can be found in a few different locations. You have a few spots you can check. Check the list below to find one of the IO Mole Teams to find them drilling away. When you run up on them, just take out your harvesting tool and start smacking. You just need to collect three Electronic Parts from three drills. Do the same at each site, by just destroying the big drill and grabbing the loot. Once you’ve collected the third part, you will earn yourself an easy 25,000 experience towards your Battle Pass!

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Once you arrive at a Mole Team location, you will then be prompted to destroy IO equipment and collect Electronic parts.

  • In the valley to the east of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Directly north of the Daily Bugle, near the coast
  • At the bend in the river above the lake to the southeast of Greasy Grove

And in case you were curious, we included the rest of the weekly challenges down below. Check them out and earn some more of that sweet XP.

Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 10 quests and challenges

  • Damage players with a Clinger (0/100)
  • Get 3 seconds of airtime in a vehicle (0/1)
  • Build structures (0/20)
  • Use bandages (0/10)
  • Catch a gun while fishing (0/1)
  • Use different ziplines in a single match (0/3)
  • Destroy mailboxes at Sleepy Sound or Titled Towers (0/5)
  • Search ammo boxes (0/15)
  • Get eliminations with pistols (0/2)
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