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Total War Saga: Troy Aeneas Reveal

Total War Saga: Troy Aeneas Campaign

Total War Saga: Troy is the next game coming in the series helmed by Creative Assembly. The new Total War Saga: Troy campaign will take the various iconic figures of ancient Greece and smash them together in a giant warfare simulator. And with a new gameplay video released via YouTuber Many a True Nerd, who is as much known for terrible baking as he is for historical knowledge, CA have released more details about one figure in particular.

As Creative Assembly put it “Burn away the shroud to reveal the truth behind the myth in A Total War Saga: TROY.  From the mythical heights of Mount Olympus to the arid deserts of Lemnos, the lands are yours to conquer as the fate of Aegean civilisation hangs in the balance.  Forge your legend.” This legendary backdrop will allow the player to tell the story of the Illiad and the Trojan wars that spawned it through a massive map of the Greek world.

The campaign map is massive, and I’m not kidding. Check out the trailer below for a sneak preview of the new campaign map in the game.

Being an off-shoot title, Total War Saga: Troy will reduce the scale of the game to a specific historical period. Much like Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, this new game will take the focus back to an unexplored area of history and reduce the complexity of gameplay. Although there will be new stuff to do. With a new campaign and new characters, there’s going to be new wars to fight, but there’s always more.

Taking the lessons learned from previous games, CA will be taking the concept of divine intervention that’s a core part of the Illiad and twists it into the game. Seeing the legendary coward Aeneas in the game gives players some opportunities to make Troy a lot more powerful. Gamers get to pick between the various heroes and fictional figures that each have their own unique units and traits. For example, Aeneas has plenty of disposable troops, that are somewhat equivalent to Skaven troops from Total War Warhammer.

The new game also includes unique traits, like making Aeneas immortal like a Legendary Lord, to coincide with his own historical significance.  And once you pick a hero, you get your own unique set of victory conditions and gameplay mechanics. There’s even a new bartering and trading system that applies multiple resources and currency to make the economy much more complex. This should make for much more strategic gameplay with five different resources to manage.

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There’s so much more to the game than unique unit rosters and lords. Check out the video from Many a True Nerd down below for all the interesting details.

If the idea of leading the Trojans to true glory in a video game, this may be your best chance yet. And Epic has said those interested in the new game can claim a free copy at launch which is really awesome.

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