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Frostpunk is getting a new endless mode this week


11 Bit Studios is bringing out a new update for their brutal and cold city-builder, Frostpunk, this time, we’re getting an endless sandbox mode for players to goof around in.

The newest DLC for the game will add a sort of sandbox mode built around four different maps, each one with their own unique challenges. It’s not a true unlimited sandbox, as there are two different game modes built into the experience, each one catering to a specific play style. These two modes are Serenity and Endurance.

On Serenity, the easier version, players will get more resources and face less challenging weather conditions, allowing said player to craft the city the way they like it, rather than being rushed to create a barely functional city to beat the weather. In Endurance, the overall experience is much tougher. Randomized events will shut down your infrastructure from time to time, leaving your citizens as frozen husks each time. You’ll have to balance these against having less resources as well. The DLC update also includes the ability to tweak settings and fine tune the experience as well. Players can make their citizens easier to satisfy in terms of needs for example.

You’ll be able to play both variants on four different maps, and each map will have their layout adjusted to force the player to create unique cities for each situation. Players will still have access to the Frostlands exploration mechanics, but with a new form to the whole thing. As you play through a run, the game will spawn snow storms that change what locations in the Frostlands are open to you, this will also enable various randomly generated sites to explore.

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Check out the most recent dev diary for this update down below.

Frostpunk is out now on PC, and this sandbox update will be released as free DLC this week.

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