Here are the next Animal Crossing New Horizons events

Animal Crossing New Horizons events for May and June 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons events are a huge part of what keeps people coming back to the game. Aside from the constant upkeep that’s required to squeeze all of the Bells you can from the in-game economy, there’s also the social element. Players need to keep up their relationships with their neighbors. And Nintendo knows that you need more things to do, so that’s where themed in-game events come into play.

Since the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons earlier this year, Nintendo has debuted a couple of thematic events for players to enjoy. There are a couple more events planned for this series in 2020. Nintendo is rolling out one two week event this month in May. And they also have a month-long event planned for June. Each of these two events will feature new tasks and items to collect, as well as themed in-game features around a core idea.

International Museum Day (Upcoming): May 18-31

With the introduction of new museums and related props in a recent patch, Nintendo brought out the real artist in their players. The next set of Animal Crossing New Horizons events will focus on expanding this mechanic. Players will be given new tasks to complete via Stamp Rallies to earn more Nook Miles, as well as different themed rewards. These can then be used to deck out homes and museums.

Wedding Season (Upcoming): June 1-30

During the month of June players can head to Harv’s Island to encounter a married couple called Reese and Cyrus. The June 2020 Animal Crossing New Horizons events will introduce these new NPCs as wedding season kicks into high-gear in the real world. Or at least it would if COVID-19 wasn’t screwing things up.

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So to get a bit of fun out of your digital island paradise, players can collect new items themed around idyllic weddings and the celebration of marriage. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will even allow some form of marriage mechanic in the game. At the very least,  Reese and Cyrus will sell you some flowery new stuff.

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