How to complete the Smitten Kitten Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Smitten Kitten Challenge in BitLife

The weekend has arrived, and a new BitLife Challenge is live and attracting players. Once again, things are getting a little promo-heavy. Players will be rewarded for playing another app by the same developer, and they get in-game rewards in BitLife for doing it. This is the best guide you’ll find for the Smitten Kitten Challenge in BitLife. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Smitten Kitten Challenge this week. And get it done quickly, because you only have a few days to get it done.

How to complete the Smitten Kitten Challenge in BitLife

Here are the steps you need to do to get your hands on the new reward. This new challenge is very simple, as you just need to play a bit on one of CandyWriter’s other apps.

  • Download Catlife
  • Have a perfect relationship with five cats
  • Walk your cats five times
  • Give your cats treats five times

Once you have searched on the App Store or Google Play for Catlife, download it and install the app. Open up the app and make your first new pet lover to live your life. It’s very similar to the process in BitLife. Now, you need to start getting your desired pets. You can buy as many cats as you want, but you only need five for this challenge.

Now, you will need to purchase five unique cats. You do this by scrolling down to the Activities tab and then choosing the Pets tab. Buy a new cat, and then repeat the process. There is a price tag attached, so you will need to have the in-game money to make each purchase. That means you will likely need to spend a few in-game years buying cats to avoid going broke. Once you have the cats, you need to spend time making them like you.

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The best way to get that done is to instead just feed them treats, or take them on walks. Do this multiple times each year to improve your relationships with each cat. Repeat this process for each cat, and do it until their relationship meter fills up to the max. To do these things, just select them within the Pets menu, and then choose an activity to take them out on. Doing the treats and walks first will also get you the other steps of the challenge done as well. That makes this a pretty fast challenge to get done.

That’s it, and you’re ready to move on to another in-game task. Be sure to grab that reward before you close the game, as you put in so much hard work.

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