How to complete the Animal Rescue Achievement in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

There are dozens of BitLife achievements. Each one can be pretty insane to get. Some are fairly straightforward, while others involve a lot more work. Some of them are just dependent on RNG, while others need you to put the time in. Completing each one gets you a mark on your account and ticks up the overall number you’ve unlocked. it’s a badge of honor for Bitizens, and it’s tons of fun.

Some of these are a bit more complicated than others, and it gets weird fast. The Animal Rescue Achievement in BitLife is one of these. You need to trigger the right event, and it takes a fair bit of luck. This potential task is a bit hard to do, but not impossible. Keep reading to figure out how to complete the Animal Rescue Achievement in BitLife.

How to complete the Animal Rescue Achievement in BitLife

To get the task done, you need to get your hands on some rescued pets. The issue is, that it’s based on a random RNG-based event. You need to get the right event to fire, then choose the correct option. To complete the animal rescue achievement in BitLife, players will need to rescue any animal by choosing the correct option in an animal rescue encounter. The trouble is, you need to both be in the correct country to encounter wild animals, and then get the event, which are extremely rare.

Triggering the animal encounter is best done by moving to a country with wild animals, like lions or apes. Start by creating a character in Morroco, Ethopia, or any other central African nation. This will be explained later. You will need to then go on walks a lot. Go into the Mind & Body tab under Activities and look for the Walk option. Go for the 2 Hour option at a slower pace, and you should eventually get the option you want. When you encounter a lion or other wild animal, choose the option to rescue them.

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The reason for choosing a country like Morroco or Ethiopia is that the game weights the encounters for wild animals in these nations. You need to randomly trigger the animal encounter, and the odds are best here. The trigger for the event is a bit uncertain, but most players point to going for a walk being a good way to trigger it. SInce you can go on many walks per year, each one can potentially trigger the event you need.

Some users also report that doing literally nothing, like trying to get the Lazy Achievement, tends to let the game run more RNG events. It seems that the app will push more events if you’re not trigger events each year.

That’s how to complete the Animal Rescue Achievement in BitLife.

There are a ton of other animal-based achievements in BitLife. The Hungry Hippo achievement is a pretty nasty one. While some, like the Adopt Don’t Shop Achievement are adorable, others are a bit more menacing. There’s also the Natural Selection and Deaf Leopard achievements you can do for more rewards. You can get plenty of rewards for doing these, so get out there and complete these tasks.

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