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New Psychonauts 2 trailer digs into the depths of the story

Psychonauts 2 Will Release in 2019

A brand new trailer for Psychonauts 2 has been published today, giving fans a glimpse at the next evolution of the mind-bending adventure. Teenager Raz is back, and things are getting much weirder this time. We’re still cleaning up after the mess of Dr. Lobotto, a bad guy from the first game. And as the opening of the game shows us, things are not at all fine. The trailer opens by showing us that the mess is far from cleaned up, and now a new threat has appeared.

The trailer gives us glimpses of a much darker world. Though many of the zany faces of the first game are back, the story has gone on a much darker path. Psychonauts 2 will take players on a much more intense journey as they attempt to contain the corrupting influence of a new enemy, Maligula.

The new Psychonauts 2 trailer even showcases some new enemy types. We’ve seen some variant takes on the original enemy designs from the first game, in another node that’s sure to please fans. Adding to that is so much more flash and style, aided by more powerful graphical hardware. Double Fine has certainly put a ton of effort into making things feel much more cerebral and tense this time around.

There’s still plenty of whimsy to be had, but the child-like innocence that was barely restrained in the first game has been tossed aside for more angst and unease. Clearly, emotional health and maturity will be core elements of the story and themes of the sequel, as they are major fixtures in growing up.

Psychonauts was first released in 2005, and there’s been talk of a sequel ever since. There has even been a VR spin-off, but this full sequel has taken years to come to fruition. To finally see it after so long has many fans on edge. And with this new path for the story, we’re in for a wild ride.

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