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Xbox Game Pass gets Metal Gear Survive, Outer Wilds and more

Xbox Game Pass June 2019

Xbox fans are going to be pretty excited next month as the Xbox Game Pass service is set to expand quite a bit with a bunch of new games. There’s a huge variety of games across multiple genres, with some really great titles incoming. Check down below for the dates they’re set to release to the

Metal Gear Survive – 5/23

Arguably one of the worst games in the entire history of the Metal Gear franchise. It’s a weird game that takes survival horror, stealth and base-building into a mish-mash of elements that lack any of the real charm of the actual franchise. But if you like the idea of scrounging for resources while fighting zombies in a Metal Gear game, this may be for you.

The Banner Saga – 5/23

The Banner Saga is a seemingly simple strategy game that hides a fair bit of depth behind its basic setup and simple art style. The player leads a troop of survivors of a terrifying war which struggle to overcome increasingly threatening enemies from without and within. The player also has a fair amount of agency within the story based on their choices.

Void Bastards – 5/29

A stylistic and simple game that takes a very 90s cartoon aesthetic and applies it to a dystopian and creepy shooter.

Dead by Daylight – 5/30

An asymmetrical multiplayer game where one player hunts down the other as a deranged killer. There’s a big strategic layer and meta-game with killers and survivors gaining perks that grant new abilities and massively change the game. One of the better multiplayer games out right now.

Outer Wilds – 5/30

Another weird addition to the roster of Xbox Game Pass, offering a strange adventure across the stars as the player camps their way through the solar system.

Full Metal Furies – 6/6

This is one of the more interesting and surprising additions to the roster. As a cooperative-focused ARPG, Full Metal Furies brings a stylized and definite indie feel to fast-paced action. The game is a perfect choice for some quick multiplayer.

The Banner Saga 2 – 6/6

The sequel to the original Banner Saga takes the events of the strategy game to a new level. With more complex enemies and mechanics, the already desperate struggle of this beautiful title is about to get even more dangerous.

Superhot – 6/6

Superhot is an amazingly and deceptively simple mix of a shooter and puzzle-solving game. Players use slow-motion intercut with real-time shooter action to devise the best way to shoot their way through faceless enemies. Plenty of action to be had.

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