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Star Citizen 1.1 Released, amid hacking scandal for Cloud Imperium


The Star Citizen 1.1.0 update is live, requiring a full reinstall of Star Citizen in an attempt to curb the “Metafile issues” and other problems that many players had encountered with previous patches. Nevertheless, immediately after this announcement some players ended up downloading gigabytes of data only to be told that due to “bad patch data” on the CDN, they had to do it all over again.

The newly included REC (Rental Equipment Credits)  in-game currency system for the update is still experiencing some issues. With some players missing the free REC that was promised them. If you did get any, spending it is still awkward: currently players earn it in game, but must spend it through the web store, and then restart the game to make use of their purchases. Even though you won’t be able to use your REC to rent the strongest ship in the game, the Super Hornet, developer Ben Lesnick said that such “Limited” ships will be available in the future.

A redditor found Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) login details in the files of the latest patch and used them to download their internal wiki and release tracker. The hacker posted the full list of future releases, including Squadron 42 episode names, to the /r/StarCitizen subreddit, but said he did not plan to share the internal wiki. A moderator of the subreddit said that CIG had been notified of the breach and were letting the release list stay up.

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