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Days Gone gets one quick TV spot just before launch

Days Gone One Bullet TV Trailer

Days Gone isn’t pulling any punches, in fact, the only thing it looks to be pulling is those heartstrings. As the story of the fall of Deacon St, John unfolds, players will see what it might be like to live without hope or redemption, assuming the world you live in is overrun by ravenous hordes of infected beings, beings hellbent on consuming anything with a heartbeat.

We see a bit more of this brutal setup in a new 30-second TV spot for the game titled “One Bullet.” The game’s protagonist is seen, surrounded by corpses, gripping a gun and seemingly just waiting for the end to come. It looks like that end isn’t too far off either, as more infected are slowly closing in on him. What choice will he make?

This sort of question, and desperate mentality, is central to both the narrative structure and gameplay loop of this new game. As you journey through the wastes on your trusty metal steed, choices will have to be made. Will you use stealth or brute-force to overcome this horde, but then what about the next one? When you encounter other humans, you’ll also be presented with some difficult decisions. How you handle what the game throws at you could shape the course of the story too.

We’ve seen a glimpse of these ravenous hordes in other trailers, and that’s just the beginning of our trip through hell with Days Gone. The Swarmers seek to overwhelm Deacon and the player with pure numbers. the seemingly passive Newts can easily call down a horde of roaming death onto your head at the slightest provocation. The Breakers might be some of the nastier foes you take on in the game, as they’re just pure muscles and anger. Then there’s the Screamers, which present some unique challenges with controlling hordes.

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Even though the game was delayed, people still cannot wait to get their hands on it. Check out the trailer for the story elements in the game in another trailer, showing what life was like before this deathly shadow of a life Deacon now leads.

You can take a look at the new TV spot for PS4-exclusive Days Gone down below. The game launches for the PS4 on April 26th.

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