How to change capital in Crusader Kings 3

How to change capital in Crusader Kings 3

The release of Crusader Kings 3 has shaken the long-standing strategy franchise to its core. The game we all know and love has gotten both new visuals and an entirely revamped gameplay loop. There are many new features to behold, like the new Lifestyle and Perks systems that make it easier to grow your character, but there’s so much more.

But with all of these changes, some players feel lost in the new UI. Once simple features have become a little harder to find.  It used to be very easy to change your capital in previous games, now here’s how to do that in Crusader Kings 3.

You obviously need to start by selecting one of your own provinces. It can be of any holding type as long as it’s able to count as a county or other title. The current capital of your highest held title will have a golden crown next to it in the realm order view. Within this view you can also select each province.

you want to view the holding information window for that province, and when you do, there will be a button to click to change the capital. Click the “Move Realm Captial here” button. From there, click the ‘move’ confirmation that pops up. The capital indicator should move to that new province.

When you change capital in Crusader Kings 3, you unlock some very nice new features. The old capital will still retain any unique constructions, although their effects may be lost. The upside is that the new location will get access to those capital-exclusive buildings. So if you’re going for some kind of metagame strategy to apply bonuses to developing provinces, that’s one reason to change the capital.

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The type of buildings that can only be built in the capital are those at the duchy level.. Each tier of building built in the holding is broken down by type. it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the buildings and upgrades in Crusader Kings 3, Having that information to hand to know what buildings provide what bonuses is key to victory.

Duchy buildings tend to provide bonuses to the realm, or sometimes to the province itself, although still very powerful. These buildings are.

  • Military Academies
  • Marches
  • Siege Works
  • Royal Armories
  • Jousting Grounds
  • Blacksmiths
  • Archery Grounds
  • Tax Offices
  • Leisure Palaces
  • Royal Reserves

These buildings offer a variety of bonuses. Military capital buildings directly focus on improving your military stats or providing other bonuses like reduced military cost, levy sizes, etc. Meanwhile, different building types grant increased taxes from holdings, other tax modifiers, and developmental growth. Finally, some buildings directly buff a character’s piety, prestige, and stress.

So, planning where you want your capital holding and what buildings you want in that location is essential to your realm. Furthermore, a player’s direct heir will always inherit the realm capital. Not to mention that capturing a realm’s capital grants a significant amount of war score and has the chance to arrest members of that realm’s court and ruling dynasty. Either way, knowing how to change the capital is very important for several reasons.

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