How Status Effects in Outriders Work

How to get Titanium in Outriders

Like any good ARPG, there’s plenty to learn about this new game. Outriders will bring out the best in your murderous intent, as you blast your way through foes in this post-apocalyptic game. Players will encounter a variety of combat challenges that posit different gameplay loops. As you get better, the game will also ratchet up the difficulty to challenge you. One of the things that this shooter likes to do is inflict status effects. Here’s how status effects in Outriders work.

There are four primary classes of status effects in Outriders. Each one has a handful of different sub-effects within each class. Here are the quick descriptions of what each general class does, to give you some idea of what to expect.

  • Crowd control: Status effects in this class will generally lock a target down and force them to deal with it.
  • Damage Over Time: Status effects in this class will chip away damage against the target from various damage types.
  • Debuffs: Status effects in this class will reduce the ability of the target to deal damage, or possibly even reduce incoming DPS.

How Status Effects Work in Outriders

There are a few different classes of status effects in Outriders. With the first class, crowd control, we’re looking at a few options to have to deal with. Ash, Freeze, and Slow are the various types in this class. Ash will inflict the victim with a slowing effect that stops movement and attack skills. You will need to be able to punch your way out before you can keep fighting. Freeze is very similar, in that it locks you in place. The frozen effect lasts longer than the fire-based one too. The final type of effect is Slow. This effect will slow down your attacks and speed, but not completely lock you down.

Toxic, Bleed and Burn are the next three classes in the Damage Over Time series of status effects. Bleed is all about dealing raw physical damage over time to your health pool. You will have to stand still to wait for the Bleed to stop affecting you. If you played Monster Hunter, this works very similarly to bleed in that game. Toxic is a status infliction that uses poison stats to deal damage. You can wait it out, or use a healing item to get rid of the effect. Burn is the DoT effect based on fire damage. You can put out the fire by rolling around and waiting out the DPS.

Debuff effects are some of the more dangerous options for this set of effects. Vulnerable and Weakness are the two options in this class. Being afflicted by Vulnerable will mean that you take more damage that’s heavily multiplied. and yes, the effect can be stacked. Weakness is the final effect, and it’s the opposite, any damage you deal is reduced. This makes it much harder to take down tough enemies.

If you want to learn more about the game, there’s plenty more to get into. Outriders has a very complex crafting system, with a variety of crafting materials like Titanium. When you’re not making new gear, you might want to get a new build up and running. If you’re deeper into the game you might need to adjust the World Tiers to get a better challenge.

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