How to respec class points in Outriders

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There are many different skills and pieces of gears in Outriders. You can make many different builds, and that means you can and should swap things around. The skill trees in this game don’t give you new gear or skill options, but they are still very useful. You can alter the passive bonuses you get from various choices when you spend your class points.

When you want to respec class points in Outriders, you need to head into the game’s menu. Look for the Class tab and then you will see the Skills page on the same menu. Open up the Class tab and you will see the options on this page for all three trees. On this screen, you will see the unique class trees you have unlocked. You can allocate your skill points as you upgrade your character, and you can put them into any configuration of the three trees you see on this page.

As you play the game, you might want to change things up. When you want to do that, head back to the Class tab. Look at the bottom of the skill screen and click the option to “reset tree.” That will trigger the respec option and allow you to alter your class from there. You will be handed back all of the points you have spent up to this point when you press this button.

Make sure to be in a safe area when you do this. Outriders does not pause the game when you’re in menus. That means you could be in a real bad spot when you try to respec your character. Keep that in mind and only do this when you won’t get swarmed by enemies.

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When you have confirmed your selections for changing your build, confirm them. Since the skills are all passive bonuses, the game makes it pretty easy to swap around the focus of your build. With so many class options that can be picked, there’s no reason to lock yourself into just one class configuration for the entire game.

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