Hoenn Collection Challenge Guide — How to catch them all

Hoenn Collection Challenge Guide

The latest Research Task event is live in Pokémon Go. You have a new Collection challenge to take on, with the Hoenn Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go this week. Niantic has been putting on a bunch of these region-based celebrations to introduce an expanded roster to the mobile game, or just to have some fun while giving out bundles of free items. Everything you will want to know about this latest Research event can be found below.

When the Hoenn Collection Challenge starts

The Hoenn Collection Challenge will be added to the game for all players starting Tuesday, January 19th at 10am local time. You can find the event in the Research Tab when you open it up in-game. The event will roll out through various times in different zones obviously, so some folks may technically get a headstart on you. The event will run until Sunday, January 24th at 8pm local time. You will lose the chance to complete it after this time.

As long as you collect all the necessary captures for the Hoenn Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go, you can claim the reward. You get another Elite Collector Medal as a start, but also some Silver Pinap Berries, a bundle of XP, and a few other minor items. You can even get a few Incense items to help with other capture runs.

What Pokémon do you have to Catch for the Hoenn Collection Challenge

Here are all of the monsters you need to capture to complete the Hoenn Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go:

  • Aron (Wild)
  • Bagon (Wild)
  • Minun
  • Mudkip (Wild)
  • Nincada (Wild)
  • Nosepass
  • Plusle
  • Torchic (Wild)
  • Treecko (Wild)

To get these, some will be easier than others. Some will just be random spawns out in the world, but a few require a bit more finesse to find. Check out after the break for the specific ones you want to look elsewhere for.

If you’re having trouble finding a certain spawn, you might want to consider popping an Incense in your area to speed things up. All the Wild spawns should be boosted during the event, so use the list above to know what spawns this will be best for. Any Pokémon marked with (Wild) should have increased spawn rates. You only need one of each, and there are no CP requirements to find either, making the process easier. These are confirmed wild spawns based on previous data, and it seems unlikely for Niantic to lock any behind large-scale raids right now, given the global pandemic.

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How to Catch Nosepass, Mudkip, and more

Many of these are spawns in the wild. Again, use the list above to find out if that’s true. NOsepass in particular is a rarer spawn than most, so you may have to work at it. Again, be sure to make use of that incense if you’re having trouble. It’s not a big loss since you get a few of these from completing the event anyway.

How to Catch Plusle and Minun

The event will feature research tasks throughout the week that should feature some spawns as well. It’s suspected that both Plusle and Minun will be part of this roster. It has yet to be confirmed if they have boosted wild spawns. During the Hoenn Collection Challenge, when these tasks do show up, you can get them from a Poké Stop or a Pokémon Gym. So be sure to check in frequently with these areas to see if any rare spawns or Research Tasks might reward encounters.

How to Catch Aron and Bagon

These are some of the monsters this event that may not spawn in the wild at all. instead, you may want to focus on 5km Eggs as a potential drop source. Keep your egg incubators primed and ready for when the event goes live. Also, there may be some low-level 1 Star Raids that drop them as well, so be prepared for that.

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