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Grinding Gear Games adds Legion-exclusive MTX to celebrate Korean launch

So Path of Exile has been expanding at a lightning-fast pace these last few months. The game was ported to the PS4, to the joy of some console gamers looking for a new ARPG experience. The game also made the jump into a new region, South Korea, recently. And to celebrate this latest milestone, Grinding Gear Games have created the Korean God Helmet microtransaction.

The new MTX will not be region-locked or anything, so anyone who manages to defeat the Brine King in Act 6 will unlock this limited-time reward. So no matter what part of the globe you’re on, you can get a cool new effect on your POE character just by playing the game. Keep in mind though that the reward will end once Legion goes away in three months.

In other Path of Exile news, the game is launching it’s Legion expansion and 3.7 patch later today, for PC at least, as console players have to wait until June 10th. The Legion patch introduces a complete rework to melee combat in the game, offering players a chance to experience a very new style of play. And if you’re looking for more build ideas for this new meta, we’ve collected more than 30 different league starter builds for Legion together.

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